Study Tour Israel

ministry of Beit Tfilah, Inc.

SP 2019 – 3 Month Info


Arrival in Israel (cannot arrive early)           February 24

Orientation                                                 February 26

Tours & Cross-Cultural Events throughout the 3 months

Final Dorm Cleaning                                   May 19

Departure from Israel                                 May 20



Study Tour Israel Old City of Jerusalem, Coastal Region, Dead Sea Region, Galilee & Golan Regions.

Life of Messiah a chronological sketch as seen through the 4 Gospel accounts.

Life of David from the books of 1 & 2 Samuel and the Psalms.

Proverbs Walking out the wisdom of Proverbs in our everyday life

Bible Survey 

M1’s being a blessing

Chapel 2 times a week

(contact us about other possible subjects)




Not Included: 1.) Flight, 2.) Meals & Laundry – all participants must have a minimum of $650 accessible via a personal Visa Debit Card for their meals & laundry 3.) Optional Petra Day Tour


Beit Tfilah, Inc.

P.O.Box 4637

Huntington Beach, CA 92605

Remember to write participants name in the memo line.

NOTE: Some common medicines are not available in Israel or are available only with a prescription from a local doctor. Sudaphed, anti-bacterial cream or Dramamine are some such items. It is best to bring any medication you might need or desire.



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