Study Tour Israel

ministry of Beit Tfilah, Inc.

SP 2019 – Cost

3 Month Study Tour & Cross-Cultural Events

$2,460  TOTAL  


Not Included: 1.) Flight, 2.) Meals – all participants must have a minimum of $600 accessible via a personal Visa Debit Card for their meals, 3.) Optional Tours

This averages to $200 per month but it is advised to have extra money accessible for any optional (Petra or Paphos) and wanted expenditures.



Beit Tfilah, Inc.

P.O.Box 4637

Huntington Beach, CA 92605

Remember to write participants name in the memo line.


NOTE: Some common medicines are not available in Israel or are available only with a prescription from a local doctor. Sudaphed, anti-bacterial cream or Dramamine are some such items. It is best to bring any medication you might need or want

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