3 Month Study Tour

3 Month Study Tour & Cross-Cultural Events 


$1,000 minimum accessible via participant’s personal Visa Debit Card for their meals, public transportation, laundry, entrance fees & tips as these are not included.

$3,199 TOAL

Not included 1. flight to and from Israel, 2. medical insurance in Israel

Optional Petra Day Tour (average cost $300)


Beit Tfilah, Inc.

P.O.Box 4637

Huntington Beach, CA 92605

Remember to write participant’s name in the memo line.


Arrival in Israel (cannot arrive early)         August 25

Orientation                                                        August 26

Tours & Cross-Cultural Events throughout the 3 months

Departure from Israel (must depart)            November 17

PROGRAM – offering 20 units

Study Tour Israel – 4 units

Life of Messiah – 3 units

Life of David (1&2 Sam.) – 2 units

To be announced – 2 units

Proverbs – 2 units

Bible Survey – 3 units

Chapel – 2 units

M1’s – 2 units

(For more information about programs contact us)

NOTE: Some common medicines are not available in Israel or are available only with a prescription from a local doctor. Sudaphed, anti-bacterial cream or Dramamine are some such items. It is best to bring any medication you might need or want

It should be noted: Our Study Tour Israel program cannot guarantee the granting of a visa due to changing policies of the Israeli Ministry of Interior.